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snapshots of my week – 19th april

as you may quickly be able to tell ..i didn’t do much this week. well, nothing really it was worth taking photos of and/or things i want to keep secret for now. got to have a little mystique, haven’t we?

i did however find some little blocks of wood at the weekend and painted on them. a 7, 8 (not pictured) and an exclamation mark that i didn’t paint the inside of as i liked the texture of the wood grain. i love painting and i really should do it more! i’ll make it a plan for the coming week.

photo of number seven painted on wood on blue background

photo of exlamation mark painted on wood on blue background

bracelet with coloured rings on yellow background

i found this bracelet when i was tidying, haven’t seen or worn it for years! i like when that happens, it’s like you have something new without having to spend a penny. i really like the pink and the two blues.

doily with illustration by caitlin shearer
paper doll illustration by caitlin shearer

i also found these (and lots of other) bits that caitlin shearer sent me years ago. they were still in the envelope i’d put them in to keep them safe when i moved here, so now i’m trying to find somewhere to put them.

blossom tree

i only went a couple times this week, one of those times was on wednesday. i saw this pretty blossom tree and snapped a photo on my phone. it was worth going out just to see that lovely tree. spring, yay!

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