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snapshots of my week – 18th october

this has been another week of ups and downs, but not as many downs as last week, so i’m taking that as a win! also, a couple of excellent things have happened this week which i’ll be able to tell you about soon. ooh, vague!
also, if you follow me on twitter, you will have heard about percy, if not, scroll to the cat picture at the bottom of this post. wish we could have kept him!

old globe money tin

i found this cute old money tin globe on ebay for an absolute steal! i love globe/earth related things.

globe badge from kate rowland

..talking of earth related things, how awesome is this badge from kate rowland? i love it.

illustrated cushions by laura redburn from ohh deer

i made some cushions for the ohh deer pillow fight competition. i’d really appreciate any sales or shares to help me be in with a chance of winning! i can’t afford to buy my own cushions like some people do (i’d personally love my fruity one), so i’m counting on the kindness of you guys! they’re only available for a limited time too, so get in there whilst you can :)
links for buying/sharing:
fruit salad cushion, ice cream you scream cushion, all the sweet things cushion

percy the black cat

this is percy. when my boyfriend got home from work yesterday he was sitting outside the house, meowing. as soon as the door was open he darted in. he had no collar (but looked like he possibly recently had one) and was a bit skinny. we gave him a slice of turkey and some cat crunchies which he gobbled up.

there’s a vet right opposite our house, so we took him to see if he’d been microchipped so we could find his owners. unfortunately, they’d moved to shropshire a few years ago, and left him behind :( we found out that his name is percy, and that he’s 4 years old.

we took him back home as the vets couldn’t keep him. i made up some posters to put around incase someone had been looking after him, and a couple hours later i went knocking nearby to see if anybody has lost him. it turned out he’s an actual stray ..loads of people recognised him immediately as ‘that really friendly stray’. he really was one of the loveliest cats i’ve ever ‘met’ sweet.

ava came in an hour or so later, and there was a fair bit of hissing and ava was being VERY vocal and making the weirdest voices ever, but luckily no fighting. we were going to contact the vets again and some local places this morning to see if we could get him homed, but he escaped when ava went out this morning! hopefully he’ll come back, or if someone’s been looking after him, that he goes back to them.

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