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snapshots of my week – 18th march

upside down daisy on hand

has anyone else got a cold at the moment? urgh i feel rubbish and can’t think straight. i’m sure i had something interesting to write about, but can’t for the life of me think what it was. i’m a real live wire, eh ;)

last thursday my boyfriend and i went to see high rise at chapter arts in canton, and there was a q & a after with ben wheatley (the director) and luke evans who plays richard wilder. it was fantastic to have that experience after, not something you get often in wales, even in cardiff!

on sunday i went to the lan llofft blogger event in yr hen lyfrgell which is cardiff’s welsh culture centre. it was lovely to meet with some fellow welsh bloggers and the owners were so sweet and welcoming. i’ll have a little post up about it soon.

whilst i’ve done other things like job searching, making collages, taking photos etc, most of this week has been taken up with this cold. hope it goes soon!

how was your week? any plans for the weekend?

polka dot plant bush

aries horoscope illustration by laura redburn

fence shadows on fallen pine needles

pine needles on tree

buttercup between fingers

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  • Reply Jess Buckley 20/03/2016 at 02:22

    Love these shots, they have such a fun, vintage feel to them!
    Jess || Writing in Red Lipstick.

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