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snapshots of my week – 17th may

purple blue
i’ve been taking some floral photos around my local area again, but this time i ventured a little further, down near cathays cemetery. hoping to find some time/nice weather to go to roath park soon, as the gardens are lovely. also, i’ve never walked all the way around the lake so will definitely do that too!

a while ago i’d promised i’d take more photos of flowers this year and i’m so glad i stuck to that. flowers, nature and photography make me very happy.

green bush leaves
pink blossom
more pink blossom
even more pink blossom
yellow flowers
blue woodblue collage detail
collage process
more blue wood! i keep seeing things painted in lovely blues and i can never resist taking a photo. i’ve also been working on new collages, patterns and ideas this week so those will be up on the blog soon too :) yay for feeling creative!

laura by andsmile
last but definitely not least, the lovely viktorija of andsmile sent me this portrait she painted inspired by me totally by surprise, accompanied with the sweetest note. she now offers custom portraits which i highly recommend!

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