snapshots of my week – 17th may

this has been another quite crafty week, making and modifying things is just too much fun though!
hopefully this creative burst will continue because it’s nice to feel as if i’m doing something useful, even if it’s just for myself. when i have a few days where i just can’t seem to be creative in any way, i really don’t feel myself. i’m sure many of you know exactly how that feels!

did you see my new friday florals series? i will of course continue to do the snapshots of my week posts, as it’s a nice way to look back on the week. the idea of some floral based posts has been floating around in my head for a while, but i wasn’t sure how to tie it all together. now you get some flowers every friday! woo!

necklace made with rope and embroidery thread

i was sorting through my clothes in order to donate some stuff to the charity shops, and came across a nautical style dress with this rope though it. it looked way too big and clunky for the dress so i took it out knowing i could make better use of it. so i made this necklace! what do you think? just rope and embroidery thread. so simple and i think it looks lovely.

pine cone with pink thread
one time when i was little i collected loads of pine cones and decided to put them all at the bottom of the bed. the next morning i woke up and it was covered in spiders and bugs! needless to say i’ve not been too keen on pine cones since then. but i was out for a walk on the bank holiday and saw one on the ground and it reminded me of a scene in one of my favourite ever films, ‘housekeeping‘ where an old lady has a huge one. i don’t think i’ve ever seen any much bigger than ‘normal’ size in the uk. do they exist here? i’d love one.

packages with purple and turquoise geometric print paper

some lovely post came. you’ll see what’s in here next week! who wouldn’t be happy with little triangle shaped packages in this awesome paper?

australiana tape from polli design

i meant to post this picture last week but accidentally deleted it. i got sent some beautiful australiana tape courtesy of polli. isn’t it fantastic? it’s clear so if you’re posting something with nice paper you get a nice bit of layering going on. i’ve followed them on instagram for quite some time now and i think you should too! they often post lovely pictures that make me swoon. a must if you’re a fan of jewellery & general prettiness. if you want to keep up to date on what these lovely ladies are up to, you can follow them on facebook too.

polka dot shoes before and after
and finally i painted polka dots on these plain shoes! so much better! i want to wear them all of the time.

what have you been up to this week?

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