snapshots of my week – 17th january

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busy week again! i’ve mostly been preparing for the new shop which means getting all the products made, taking photos, writing descriptions and more. it’s hard work! i should hopefully be done tomorrow. i’ll be keeping my etsy shop open to sell original collages, but my main shop will now be on bigcartel.

in the meantime my etsy shop is still open, and my sale ends today! every sale is very much appreciated, and the money from sales goes towards exciting new products. hopefully i’ll have some fabric made this year, so i can make purses, bags and other things. i’m excited!

snapshots of my week   17th january
i know i often show you colours and talk about colour combinations i love, but do you know what’s really the best? mint on mint on mint. yep!

snapshots of my week   17th january
 do you know what’s also good? ice cream coloured walls. there should definitely be more of this. i’ve lived here almost 4 years and never noticed this tiny section of pink and cream wall just down the road from me.

snapshots of my week   17th january
i recently won an amazing prize from designers guild, and this wonderful blankets is one of the items i chose. the colours are so, so nice and the blanket itself is really soft. i wonder how long it’ll be until it’s covered in cat hairs. cats love new things that aren’t theirs, don’t they!

snapshots of my week   17th january
snapshots of my week   17th january
i found this letter holder (is that what they’re called?) in a charity shop recently for a super low price and i coudn’t resist. colourful florals? yes please.

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