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snapshots of my week – 16th october

well this has been a week of ups and downs! depression hit me pretty hard last week, and to be completely honest i got very little done. not sure if that contributed, but my brain was an absolute scramble too and i couldn’t remember anything, concentrate or just generally think straight. often when i’m hit with a bout of depression i can still (mostly) function normally but for some reason it rendered me completely useless ..which made me feel even more worthless, but hey – that’s how it goes!

somehow, i don’t know how, i’ve gone back to ‘normal’ this week. i’ve been forcing myself to stay busy, as well as catching up on work i’d missed out on last week and my brain is no longer sabotaging me! phew. saying that, i currently have a pretty savage cold, so not that much has been achieved if we’re being totally honest here.

before that hit i went to an event in town hosted by taking shape and hotter shoes. it was lovely to meet some fellow welsh bloggers, have tasty nibbles and try on clothes. there’s some clips from that in the video below, and i’ll show you the outfit i chose in a post next week.

how was your week?

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