snapshots of my week – 16th june

i have what feels like a million and one things to do next week. nothing particularly stressful, and some actually semi enjoyable, but the kind of things that are just t i m e  c o n s u m i n g, and i know i’m going to have a never ending to do list.

my brain has been feeling the ol’ brain fog big time this week. even my usual reliable ritual of writing things down, setting reminders, and alarms isn’t working. i’ve always been forgetful and can space out quite easily but it feels like my brain has just been off somewhere i’m not privy to. i’m semi used to feeling like this, hence having methods to not forget even the simplest of tasks, but it can just make you feel so stupid and useless.

sometimes what works for me is to keep myself busy, keep my brain ticking along so it doesn’t stall. but other times it/i definitely need some time off. even on the weeks where i’ve had little or nothing to do, sometimes you really do just need to get away from where you are and do something different.

i think going to tenby at the end of the month, and then going to see my dad in july will help towards this a little. if i could afford to i’d love to take a little mini break somewhere, like when i went to poole. i really, really enjoyed just having a couple of days completely to myself, taking photos, walking lots and spending some time by the sea. if by some miracle i find myself better off financially in the next couple months, i’ll definitely take myself somewhere nice for a couple of days. any ideas?

plant shadows in black and white

hydrangeas and striped dress

black and white daisies


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