snapshots of my week – 16th august

pineapple brooch
honestly? honestly? i’ve not done much this week. well, not anything to talk about. i’ve been making collages and coming up with ideas ..which you’ll see soon. i’ve had a ruthless sorting of my clothes and bits around the house and given items i don’t wear or use to charity. looking for places to live around cardiff, and places in bristol if my boyfriend gets the job he’s going for an interview for next week. i’ve applied for a million jobs. well, not a million.

just day to day stuff, you know? things that take up time – some important, some not – but things that people don’t really care about. things you don’t take photos of because ..what’s the point? i’m not getting down about this, just ..well, you know how it is sometimes. you’re not always doing things that are photo/blog/shareworthy. hope i have a more exciting week next week!

blue and white scarf
rose drying
a pineapple brooch came in the post and bought sunshine with it // a new (to me) silk scarf that i have been wearing constantly // drying some roses i found for 75p ..they didn’t smell much but they look lovely.

made a little video again ..very short as i didn’t have much to film this week. it’s been super windy, hasn’t it? i love listening to that tree blowing in the wind. it sounds like water and it makes me miss the sea. i also made a delicious pizza that i wanted to eat again. yay for gluten free bases!

i won this little letter and enevelope set from zoe. love the atlas envelopes and the stamp lover in me is swooning over the pieces of paper with stamps on. tempted to keep them for myself, but i will send them to people! may need to improve my handwriting though…

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