snapshots of my week – 15th november

you may or may not have noticed there was no ‘snapshots’ post last week. well, there was, but i scheduled it for the wrong date! so i have combined photos from last week and this week here today and re-written a bit.

firstly though, i just want to ask, did you see my fantastic news earlier last week? it’s one of the things i’ve been hinting at for a while. i’m rather excited and curious for what the future holds…illustrating wise, anyway!

this week has been one of those where nothing particularly interesting has happened, but has still been good in it’s own way. i’ve ticked stuff off the to-do list, answered a million emails know the sort of thing i mean. you still feel accomplished, because of all the little things. yay!

mug with vinyl floral pattern

last week i got to go to london, thanks to the team at cricut! a lovely intimate event for a few bloggers to get to grips with the cricut machines, lots of vinyl, glittery paper and more! it was really fun, and i have so many ideas for more things i want to make. there’ll be a post up in the near future with more about this! i loved the cushions that heather at growing spaces made.

beetle in resin

top of porcelain pot from tiger

porcelain pot from tiger

because i was in london, i got to see my dad, which is always nice as i don’t often get to see him. cardiff isn’t that far from london, but when you have no money it seems very distant! my dad has emphysema so he can’t really do much or walk too far without totally losing his breath. he did promise to take me to tiger though, as i’ve wanted to go there for years, mostly out of curiosity having never been there. i bought this beetle and porcelain jar. would definitely like to go to that shop again. come to wales, tiger!
also, my dad gave me an old cashmere scarf, which was so lovely of him. SO soft.

kilner jar with sweets

jar of sweets

the lovely team at kindly sent me this fantastic kilner jar*. you can get pretty much any phrase or saying you want put onto any object on their site. fantastic for christmas presents, and the like i think! items take from a day to 5 days to personalise, which i think is very quick. if you’re curious, you can find this glass jars here.
oh, and by the way, i haven’t eaten a whole jar of sweets before i took the picture, i just didn’t buy enough to fill it!

yellow roses

autumn leaves

i found some lovely yellow roses! on a friday florals post recently i said i wanted to make more of an effort to buy flowers for the house, at least once a month. to be fair, these were on offer, so that helped! i also found this and many other lovely leaves whilst out on my travels during the week. it’s kind of hard to resist picking up certain ones, isn’t it?

polka dot silk scarf

i found quite possibly my new favourite scarf. multicoloured/polka dots and 100% silk? yes please. all for 99p! i pretty much never seem to find silk scarves in charity shops around here, so i definitely said ‘YAY’ in my head when i found this! 

heart shaped hole punch

how have i gone this far in my life without having a heart shaped hole punch? too much fun.

pots of glitter

i also found these cute glitter pots stashed away when i was sorting through my things. i feel like i need to do some glittery crafts! any suggestions?

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