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snapshots of my week – 15th july

poppy the kitten

this week has been a total write off.

there were some good bits like:

– meeting chervelle‘s kitten, poppy

– spotting hydrangeas everywhere

– sorting through old books to find some collage inspo

– discovering that hummus and raw broccoli are delicious together

– a special group of ladies that are often the highlight of my week ❤

– discovering i actually like dark chocolate

…and these good bits are what i want to remember, rather than the intense joint pain, the fatigue, the depression, the feeling useless, the anger, the accidentally punching myself in the face, and the general feeling of doom over the UK at the moment.

peeling paint on wall

coloured ends of wooden planks

hydrangeas peeking over wall

an accidental collage

heart and lock graffiti on cardiff wall

green and white wall

green patterned tiles

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