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snapshots of my week – 15th february

firstly, i’ve decided to move my snapshots of the week to saturday, as it opens up my scheduling a bit, and there’s a little less rushing last minute, as there is sometimes!

secondly, but actually more importantly, i now have doughnut necklaces and watermelon brooches in the shop! there will be some more stuff added in the near future, but there’s plenty things to buy until then, wink wink.

we had about one entire day of lovely weather this week, in which i took this photo of a cloud floating nearby my house. i don’t particularly like summer apart from it actually being light a lot (i am not a fan of the heat) BUT i would love a couple warm days at the moment! it is winter though, so i’m not actually expecting that to happen.

the lovely kate of scathingly brilliant sent me an amazing box of american sweets, in thanks for sending her something that couldn’t be delivered to the US. nothing dodgy, ha, just the site doesn’t ship outside the UK! the peanut ones are my favourite, and i love the twizzlers and taffy too.

the ones that are called smarties, look nothing like smarties in the uk. do you have the sugar coated chocolate kind in the us, or just these?

i’ve had some vouchers to spend, so having lots of things in the post this week has definitely cheered me up a bit. sorry postman!

this book of 50’s patterns is a absolute dream, and probably already one of my favourite books. also loving this one from jane foster.

i also had some tesco clubcard money so i couldn’t resist this box of pantone postcards. always up for more colour. i didn’t buy them to use as postcards to be honest, i just want to use them for colour inspiration. love these three pinks!

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