snapshots of my week – 14th november

wooden star and sequins on blue laura ashley fabric
i know this won’t mean much to most people as it’s SO obvious, but since i’ve started being a bit more organised (just generally, and even then, not totally) i feel so much less stressed about little things that were worrying me before. it really pays to look carefully at what you’re doing and see how you can do it better. you get things done faster and you’re less stressed!

i’ve mostly been busy tackling my to do list again this week, which has involved sending out orders from my shop, sorting various files so they’re easier to find and access what i need, replying to emails which i’d let slip (whoops!) mostly admin stuff. hopefully i can get back to being a bit more creative next week!

lamp in mockingbird cafe
christmas wreath making workshop
i did get to go to bristol on wednesday to meet with some blogger ladies i’ve been chatting with for a while now which was so lovely! it was a wreath making workshop, and despite not being the most christmassy person, i really enjoyed it. more on that on the blog next week though. i’ve included some photos here so you can get a taste of what we got up to.

when i was younger i used to be painfully shy, but especially since i’ve started blogging i’ve had a couple opportunities to meet with some really lovely people, and it’s definitely improved my confidence somewhat. i wouldn’t say i’m that shy anymore, but i am a bit on the quiet side, and sometimes tend not to talk unless i’ve something interesting to say, rather than talking for talkings sake! ..though with the right person you’ll not be able to shut me up.

anyway, enough about me. how was your week?

fritha quinn and her son, wilf
red roses from wreath making kit
detail of christmas wreath

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      thank you so much adele! same with you, you are super lovely and it would be ace to see more of you in the future. haha, it's only been in the past month or so i've been more organised. it's hard (especially at first) but it definitely does work.
      My recent post wreath making with laura ashley

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