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snapshots of my week – 14th june

the less said about the majority of this week, the better. saying that, i’ve managed to get a fair bit done, tidy, make some collages and patterns and take photos. so, not all bad :)

anthony zinonos card and zine
i bought a little mini collage kit from antony zinonos, and he was so super kind and sent me lots of extra things. defintely helped towards me feeling inspired to make a couple collages.

fashion excersise book
fashion illustration by erica sharp
new books! new books are always good. the top one i will be reviewing in a couple weeks, and the bottom one i won from the lovely erica sharp.

self double exposure
ava double exposure
i’ve been playing around with making multiple exposures in photoshop. i’ve been looking at (and loving) double/multiple exposures for years, but i somehow never thought to actually give a go making some myself. i never quite got the hang of doing it on film cameras, but thanks to photoshop that’s a problem of the past! there may be more soon ..i’d love to combine these with some collage.

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