snapshots of my week – 14th june

potential is a strange beast, isn’t it? most tend to think of it as a positive thing, the potential of something amazing happening, or opportunities that might come your way. it’s not always that way though, is it? when your  mind is full of negative ‘what-ifs’ ..that’s potential too. thinking about what potentially could go wrong, things that haven’t actually happened, but could potentially turn your life upside down.

i know i’m being really vague here, but i’m 100% certain every single person has gone though those feelings in their lives, probably quite often too. there has been a lot on my mind this week, and it’s been very hard for me. some stuff that has been on my mind for months, and some things more recent.

i have decided today though, ENOUGH. the one thing that set all this off turned out to be nothing and although my life isn’t suddenly amazing (it wasn’t even nearing that to begin with) i can continue dealing with my everyday worries, but i can also get on with my life. focus on what’s good and try to keep it that way.

at a low point in the week i posted a status on twitter, to which someone responded with this speech by the ever wonderful neil gaiman:

there are many fantastic points in this, but one that i really took to heart. basically, if you feel you can’t do something, pretend you are a person that CAN do that thing. it causes you to look at things from a different perspective, to ‘get out of your head’ a bit and that can often do the world of good.

though i have done some small things, and taken photos this week, this has been a true snapshot of my my week, being depressed and anxious, but coming out of it intact and that little bit stronger.

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