snapshots of my week – 13th september

this week i’ve finally gotten back into the swing of being creative and thinking about my business, what i want to do and where i want it to go. the past couple weeks i’ve been feeling really down and doubting everything, but i’m pushing that aside to be positive, productive and creative!
some more stuff is up in my shop, and lots more to come in the near future. i have lots of plans, notes scattered everywhere with ideas and things i want to achieve. if i could get even half of them done by the end of the year i will be so proud of myself!

mini collage kit anthony zinonos

cards by anthony zinonos

a couple days ago anthony zinonos tweeted that he was having a clearance sale in his shop, and since i’d just come into a tiny bit of money, i just had to treat myself! i think you should do too ;)

bowler hat from accesorize

mother of pearl ring

i was also very lucky in winning the style in view giveaway on the tigerlillyquinn blog, of £100 to spend on clothes! i’ve only bought the bowler hat (which i’ve already gotten lots of compliments whilst wearing) and the pearl ring from accessorize at the moment. i don’t want to splurge just for the sake of it, so i’m going to buy some more things when i’ve done some more ‘research’.
if anybody has any clothes to recommend, let me know in the comments!

pattern by laura redburn

speaking of being creative, i made this pattern out of shapes i’d cut out with the idea of digitally making other patterns from it too. i love geometric patterns, and it’s always so fun making collage based ones! more (and more collages) soon!

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