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snapshots of my week – 13th november

if anything makes me happy it’s taking photos. it fills me with a sense of satisfaction and i-don’t-know-what-ness that nothing else does. photography has been something i’ve loved for almost as long as i can remember, but in my younger years it was more the looking at them rather than the taking of them ..or like in the photo below, taking sets of them with me absolutely everywhere.

when i was little i also took ‘snapshots’ in my brain because i wanted to take photos but didn’t really know how yet. i can still remember parts of the places i grew up in due to this, seemingly mundane places and buildings i’d have probably otherwise forgotten. brains are bizarre!

the camera my dad used for almost my entire childhood was a praktica (can’t remember the model) and was the one i learned how to take photos on. i remember taking it in my hands still. it felt heavy and substantial and full of possibility. i remember looking through the viewfinder and twisting the lens to focus. i particularly remember getting excited when it focussed and everything became clear.

quite a few of my favourite childhood memories were ones that were photography were involved. like my dad getting loads of slide negatives and helping him choose what photos he wanted to enlarge. so many packets of photos arriving in the post and excitedly looking through them on the living room floor. multiple trips to newlands corner with him and my grandparents standing (and running down) on the hill looking at the surrey countryside.

now, as often as i can i wonder around cardiff taking photos. i take my camera absolutely everywhere with me, it’s totally worthwhile even if i only end up taking one photo the whole day. i may not take the most interesting photos, or ones that are ever going to get me ‘noticed’, and there’s certainly areas where i can improve, but it’s one of my main loves in life and something i will continue to do for as long as i possibly can.

wow, that was more than i was originally going to type! if you read through all that, well done! also if you’re not bored of me you can watch this weeks video below too.

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  • Reply JaseyJade 13/11/2015 at 14:35

    GORGEOUS SHOTS! I love that all of them give some type of feeling and or story

    Jade xo

  • Reply Laura 14/11/2015 at 13:51

    You have such a great eye for colour and detail. I always look forward to watching your snapshot videos!

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