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snapshots of my week – 13th may

small flowers surrounded by leaves

yesterday was such a nice day. so simple and laid back, with tasty home made food, sweet treats, pleasant weather and a nice walk whilst taking some photos. the day before, however? i was a complete anxious mess and at multiple points during the day i had convinced myself i was going to die, or at least have a heart attack as my anxiety was making my heart go crazy.

it’s bizarre how your mind can be so starkly different from one day to the next. sometimes the only thing that can (even slightly) get me out of a state of anxiety is knowing it’ll eventually pass. which, in the moment isn’t always useful. i mean, just pass now?! ha, not the way it works though.

but yeah, knowing i won’t be at such a high level of anxiety forever helps me realise i just have to try to get through the day, bit by bit. that doesn’t always mean it will pass the next day, but it lays the groundwork to better days ahead. i’ve always been an anxious person – pretty much never have a 0 level of anxiety – so day to day its cope-able. days like that can come on out of nowhere though.

so, trying to keep the positivity up, i thought i’d do a mini ‘small things‘ within this post:

– listening to the cocteau twins
– getting into bed after a long day
– shadows in all their forms
– the thought of eating a callippo
– clean socks
– both taking, and editing photos
– sunny days where it’s not hot, and there’s a gentle breeze
– planning future tattoos

whether you’ve had a good week or a bad one, what ‘small things’ have made it worthwhile for you? i always love to read these things, so please let me know in the comments.

leaf shadows on concreteblossom on double yellow lines

blossom on the side of the road

shadow portrait with straw hat

tree shadows on wall

purple plant on wood

forget me nots

forget me nots in grass

pretty pink plants

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