snapshots of my week – 13th december

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to be honest, i’ve been feeling very down this week, so i’ve not taken many photos. i guess it’s a mixture of things like the time of year (it being darker etc), money worries and other life stresses. i think i’ve had enough wallowing and lounging for now though, so i see a light at the end of the darkness! that’s always good.
i feel like 2014 is going to be a good year (famous last words huh) so i’m going to try and start it as i mean to go on. and no, i don’t do new years’ resolutions and i never will!
do you have any big plans for next year?

purple cat eye reading glasses from tiger

i found these reading glasses in tiger (there’s a tiger now in cardiff, yay!) and thought i could get my prescription put in them. i hope so. i love the slight cat eye shape and i like to bring a bit of colour to my face. if i can’t get a prescription put in and anyone wants them, let me know! 

heart stickers and holographic postcard from tiger

could resist heart stickers either. i have quite an obsession with stickers. and love the holographic postcard. it was impossible to take a clear photo of though! so i cheated with the stickers on top, ha!

white roses and baby's breath

daisy print ribbon

we went to a wedding on saturday, and i wore these flowers on my jacket. i completely forgot they were there until just now, and found them looking rather sad. i still think they’re pretty too. this ribbon was wrapped around them, which i thought was cute so i thought i’d keep it as well. bit of a sucker for a pretty ribbon.

ps. there’s still a couple days to enter the sweet oxen giveaway!

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