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snapshots of my week – 12th june

crassula succulent
dracaena marginata plant

the past week has been a week of scuppered plans, a trip to ikea, ginger beer (and discovering that when cold and flat it tastes like homemade cola with a little kick), illustrating, looking for jobs and sitting in the garden. it’s not been anything special, but it’s not been particularly bad, either. just one of those weeks that kind of just passes by.

hopefully next week will be a bit more interesting. we’re looking for somewhere new to live, and hopefully we’ll actually be able to visit some places. fingers crossed there’s no moving woes ..but who am i kidding? there’s always something, isn’t there? on the day we moved to cardiff one of my mice died, and out of the blue we were told we had to pay more upfont than originally asked. all in all it wasn’t too bad though so i’m thankful for that! come august we’ll have lived in cardiff 5 years, crazy.

how has your week been?

orange/red poppy closeup
ginger beer bottle
pink tutti frutti doughnut
olle eksell book and pink notebook with gold pig
gif of flags outside of ikea

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  • Reply Liz 13/06/2015 at 15:14

    haha LOVE the ikea gif! x

    • Reply laura redburn 17/06/2015 at 15:35

      i was going to do a video this (that) week, but didn’t really have enough footage to make it worthwhile i just made this little gif instead, haha!

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