snapshots of my week – 12th july

wow, it’s almost half way through the month already! i feel like things are slowly picking up creatively, and have some pretty exciting things in the works which i’ll show you when i can. talking of that, i now have a little ‘commission me’ button on the side of the blog if you’ve found my work through here rather than my portfolio, which is incase you were wondering.

handmade collage badges: dachshund on powder blue, circles on orange, monogram initial a on yellow, butterfly on green, shapes on yellow and red flower on greenthis week i’ve been making badges for the shop! i’ll make some more once a couple of these sell. also, i’m going to be making some hand drawn ones on shrink plastic ..i’m thinking flowers and insects. i’ve never used it before so i’m rather excited about that. it’s okay to be excited right?

magazine with two collages, woman with shapes coming out of head and woman with polka dot cape with flowers

i’m in the latest issue of uppercase magazine! my collage is on the right, next to vivienne strauss on the left. i would love a copy for myself but can’t afford right now. does anybody know of any suppliers in the UK? i do have some good news though! if you use the code ‘contributor18’ you can get $10 off a subscription or renewal. you can also preview uppercase online for free if you want to see the awesomeness within.

black and white photo of crystal glass bottle

i added yet another glass bottle to my collection! i do like pretty glass bottles. i really want some ceramic ones too. if you know of any good, affordable sources i’d love to know.

photo of smiling white cat with black accents and bow tie
found this little kitty! i think it used to hold pot pourri or something. look at that cute little face!

blue and white pencil pot from charity shop

also found this pencil …pot? in a charity shop last week. it was only 20p! i love charity shops.

ps. have you entered the trash things giveaway yet? you have until the end of the month, so there’s still plenty of time.

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