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snapshots of my week – 12th july

blue flowers
how has your week been? even though life isn’t always easy, it always seems that little bit easier when the sun is out, doesn’t it? saying that, i’ve had a relatively laid back week which is most welcome. i’ve tried to get out as much as i can to go for walks and take photos.

when i was editing these photos, i acidentally put the wrong filter on the above photo but i actually really like it. the colours look so bizarre but i think it’d look great as a pattern. i’m going to try to make it into one as a photo, but failing that i may have to digitise it somehow.

black and white flowers
rose in wall crack
i swear i mostly take photos of flowers, haha. well, i obviously take photos of other things but i’m forever drawn to the colours and shapes of flowers. do you find you’re drawn to certain things or colours when taking photos or do you prefer to take photos of anything?


vintage bag
though i shouldn’t really be spending money, every now and then i can’t help but pop in the charity shops. for the most part i manage to resist but sometimes there are things i’ve been looking for ages and i’ll not find again for a while, or things i know i’ll not see again. neither of these are technically on that list, but i’ve been looking for different coloured buttons for a idea i have brewing (and also i just kinda love buttons. my nan used to have loads and i’d play with them on her dining table) and i’m kind of a sucker for vintage handbags and this one was too nice to turn down for £1.


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