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snapshots of my week – 12th april

i guess you could say this has been a week of ups and downs. i won’t go into detail because it’s not really necessary, and it’s not going to help to talk. woo, vague hey!

the ups (of which i’ll mention a couple below) have made the downs much more bearable though, so that’s always a plus. how has your week been? let me know in the comments :)

marbled paper with nail polish
i had a creative spurt, which (as well as other things) lead me to do a bit of marbling. well, marbling with old nail polish. i want to try to make it look a bit more like proper marbling but i can never seem to get the water temperature just right. better than just throwing out old unused nail polish, anyhow. will probably use these as collage backgrounds.

my work was in the financial times! well, that was at the end of last week, but i didn’t do a snapshots post then, so..there it is.

cute illustrated food stickers
i found these super cute little burger, doughnut and ice cream stickers whilst sorting through some things. gotta love some cute food stickers!

paul smith rose eau de parfum

lady danger lipstick by MAC

tan brown chelsea boots

a short while ago, i won the debenhams lovedenim competition, which was an amazing prize of £500 worth of vouchers, half for me, half for the boyfriend. i bought mostly things i’ve wanted for ages like the paul smith rose perfume, mac lady danger lipstick and some brown chelsea boots. also, a nice black bag, as well as some other things. what an amazing win!

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