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snapshots of my week – 11th october

i realise this is probably going to seem like the most boring ‘snapshots‘ post in some time. i’ve been both busy and/or depressed this week, so either i’ve been doing so much i’ve not had time to take photos, or i’ve felt too rubbish to do anything, let alone take photos.

i did go to whitchurch to the charity shops, and found some great things, so that definitely made me feel a little better. i’d love someone to go charity shop shopping with, preferably in or between bristol or london. any takers?

here’s hoping next week is better than this, and that i feel a bit happier! it’s definitely hard to work and be creative when your mind is a muddle and tries to put down your every effort, isn’t it?

ceramic hippo planter

i found this fantastic planter in one of the charity shops. there were a couple more too but i couldn’t afford/don’t have the room for more! i have decided to call him cecil. he looks like a cecil, right?

colourful woolen blanket

i also found this lovely wooly blanket. it was calling to me from across the room, i swear. a lady looked annoyed with me as i picked it up, as i think she probably wanted it too. it’s really warm and looks great with my heart shaped pillow :D

tea cannister
this little tea cannister was only 10p! i love old tins and such things but i never seem to find any around here.

collage with horse and shapes on old envelope

i made this quick 5 minute collage yesterday before starting work on a commission ..which i need to be getting back to now actually! wish me luck.

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