snapshots of my week – 10th may

this has been one of those weeks where, to be honest, i’ve not done anything much of ‘real’ value. i have however been a bit crafty and made some marbled paper with nail varnish, (would have used acrylic paints but i had nothing to use as a thickener for the water, and the varnish is floaty and comes out bright so a good alternative) painted some more sticks, made some pom poms, hemmed a skirt by hand ..and some other bits too.

hoping to get more done next week. i guess i have to keep myself busy as it seems no one wants to employ me! i’ve been applying for jobs and giving in cvs to places for a year now, and in that time have only have a couple interviews. because i’ve not had much work experience, employers don’t seem to like that and just won’t give me a chance.

it’s quite depressing. so that’s why (as well as keeping on applying for jobs obviously) i have to keep myself busy! ideally i’d love a couple of commissions to keep me going, so if you are in need of a collage for your home, site, publication, have a look at my portfolio and get in touch!

paper marbed with peach, orange and sky blue nail varnish
paper marbed with pink, orange and blue nail varnish
paper marbled with purple, lime green, orange and blue nail varnish
triangle pattern fabric

this is the skirt i’ve been hemming. i found it in a charity shop a while ago (for £1!) and was instantly drawn to it. who doesn’t like triangles and red diamonds? i’ll probably wear it in the next week or so, so you’ll probably see it in an outfit post too.

pom pom hair accesory

becoming obsessed with pom poms. do you want to know how to make pom poms the easy way?


also i picked the only flower in our garden. there’s bluebells out the front but nothing out the back. i keep meaning to get some big cheap pots and plants, but never seem to get around to it.

what have you done this week?

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