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snapshots of my week – 10th may

pinky purple flowers
last sunday i went out with my camera and my favourite lens on a walk in the alleys and area nearby to take some photos. it was lovely and sunny but not too hot (can’t deal with the heat) so for me it was pretty perfect. i’m so glad i did too because i found so many pretty flowers! there was an amazing vibrant pink tree too but i couldn’t get close enough to get a good photo.

purple flowers
hand holding buttercup
blue garage door
this garage door may look random amongst the flowers, but i just loved the colour so i had to take a photo. it’s a particularly nice shade of blue, isn’t it?

kodak instamatic 104
i found this cute little instamatic 104 recently, i love the look! unfortunately it doesn’t work but i’ve wanted one of these for years so i couldn’t not pick it up. one day i will own an olympus trip 35 and my dreams will come true. i love the brownie reflex cameras too so i’d love one of those. then i’d have 3 vintage kodak cams! i do like things in threes, gotta say.

chocolate sprinkle cupcake
also, nothing special to anyone but me, but i did have this chocolate sprinkle cupcake. okay, OKAY i had two. it was pretty darn tasty. haven’t had a cupcake in years so it was a nice treat.

what have you been up to this week?

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