snapshots of my week – 10th june

layers of wire fencing

after a productive start to the week, my concentration seemed to take a total nose-dive. like my brain had just gone off somewhere unknown, and i was left a bit of a husk of myself. it’s not like i’ve done nothing, or had nothing to do ..but my brain was just having none of it. which, well, isn’t very useful is it?

i’ve made some plans for the coming week to keep my mind active, and am hoping to pop over to penarth at some point too. finally! it’s not even that far from me, but when it comes to it, it always seems like such an effort. it really isn’t though, and i think i’ve just been making up excuses to myself.

at the end of the month we’re going to tenby, which will be wonderful. i haven’t been for years. when i lived in pembrokeshire i’d go there all the time and i miss it. pretty sure i’ll take too many photos, which of course i’ll share here.

got a few illustration bits to share, but will share those in separate posts. now, back to planning and trying to force myself into a productive state of mind!

coloured marks on floor

rose and other flowers


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