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snapshots of my week – 10th january

last week i barely did anything, this week i have been so busy! i’ve been preparing to relaunch my shop ..more on that soon! i definitely feel much happier when i’m doing something i love, or am interested in. it keeps me busy, and motivates me to do more. no matter how tired i feel now, haha.

here’s just one of the new products that will be in the new shop. stickers! i am so excited to take photos of everything and show you all! in the meantime, i have a sale in my shop until the 17th jan, up to 50% off! some products won’t be returning, so buy whilst you can!

the highlight of my week was definitely being on one of my favourite blogs, design love fest! there’s 3 desktop wallpapers for the ‘dress your tech’ column just itching to be downloaded by you! go on, you know you want to.

i got this beaut of a necklace from oh my clumsy heart. i definitely have a soft spot for hands.

i also bought the jewellery goodie bag from ladybird likes. oh my goodness, there’s just so much fantastic stuff in there. definitely won’t be short on jewellery for a while!

this amazing thing came in the post. truly made my day! all will be revealed soon.

and ava was too cute for her own good.

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