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snapshots of my week | 31st march

magnolia and tree branches

a year or two ago, missing out on a few ‘snapshots’ posts would have annoyed me a bit. i always enjoy putting them together, as i love taking photos throughout the week, and even if all i say for some time comes across as negative and whingey – it’s nice to have a place where i can do that. i do try and have a good balance of positive and happy here, and realness too ..which, yes, can mean showing my pessimistic side as well as just generally being upfront about how i’m feeling, or have felt.

pink blossom and blue skies

red spotted leaves

to be fair, life has not been particularly good so far this year. i mean, it could be worse but ..yeah. struggling. i had a year very similar to this a couple of years back and i just about made it through that, so if this year continues along that line, at least i know i can make it through in one piece. or, in pieces that can be put back together.

trying my hardest to make good things happen, to be proactive and work hard. that can be hard enough at the best of times actually, but if nothing else i am a strong person. even if i don’t feel that way at times, ha!

am i rambling? i feel like i’m rambling.

oh! i actually have a video this week. i love making them and making little improvements in my learning and editing process each time, but you know how life gets on top of you and you have to let some things slide for a bit. there’s so many bits i feel like i should have put in from the past couple of months, but i decided it better to cut my losses and start afresh. basically what i mean is i’ve just used some more recent clips, and won’t worry about the older stuff.

it helps to lose those bits of baggage that keep you down. even if that is just video clips that no one but me cares about.


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  • Reply Molly 31/03/2017 at 13:00

    Oh Laura this is just beautiful! All the colours and that blossom – makes me want to go and run outside and find a park!

  • Reply Lia - Tangerine Canteen 31/03/2017 at 13:49

    Beautiful images, Laura! I hope the spring brings a little more luck for the year!

  • Reply Asti 31/03/2017 at 14:13

    Sorry to hear this year hasn’t been too particularly kind to you so far. Hopefully it’s just a rough start and it’ll smooth itself out as it goes along. But it’s always good to remind yourself of the other times you’ve had similar experiences and persevered. You got this! <3

    Lovely video and photos. I absolutely love your eye for color. I'm not a huge color person myself, being stuck in my monochrome ways since my "goth" phase in high school, but I do appreciate how much it brightens a page and the beauty it holds.

    I think my favorite thing about these posts (and videos) is how much it makes me want to stop and just look around. If you can find so much beauty to capture in one week just by being outside, so can I! (Right? I hope so.) I just need to actual stop and look around more instead of letting things pass me by. I'm going to take extra care during my walk with the dogs today to see what I can find (though it's gray and rainy out so I may not be so lucky yet.)

    Anyways, sorry the rambles. Just meant to quickly glance through your shots but then got swept away in my thoughts. <3

  • Reply lottie | oyster & pearl 03/04/2017 at 11:36

    That first image is just perfection! Sorry things are tough right now. Keeping my fingers crossed that your luck will change x

  • Reply Alice 04/04/2017 at 12:45

    The blossom!! Hope the year gets better for you, Laura. Here’s hoping it won’t get worse xxxx

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