snapshots of my week – 20th july

Pink wall and leaves

you know those days where you don’t specifically plan to get things done? but then you’re REALLY productive? those are excellent. i can’t believe how much i’ve gotten done today. sometimes the pressure of deadlines is good for me, infact it’s a HUGE motivator. but sometimes just letting things be can be an (unexpectedly) good productivity tool, ha. hoping this extends to getting into some sort of creative flow too.

for some reason i didn’t really take many photos when i was in london visiting my dad. and generally i’ve not taken many lately. or, not as much as i usually would. i don’t know why? but i’m sure the flow will return. just have to trust in it, right?

by the way, i keep forgetting to mention here. are you signed up to my newsletter? it goes out on the first sunday of every month. the next one is due on the 5th of august. there’s colour, creativity, interviews and more. this month there’s going to be an interview with angharad of hopefully some exclusive discount codes too! if you’re a small/indie business and want to contribute a discount code, do let me know.

leaves imprinted into road surface

poem by james thomson

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