the small things | 25

Flowers on the ground in Cathays cemetery

i like that this is my 25th ‘the small things‘ post on the 25th day of the month. things like that are satisfying. here’s to many more. i hope i can encourage at least one person reading these to appreciate the small things that make your days worthwhile.

– sunny days that aren’t too hot, and are accompanied by a strong breeze.
– finishing preparing my newsletter well in advance.
– when allergy tablets actually work all day.
– my once-every-couple-of-months can of lilt.
– no more tooth issues since the extraction a couple months ago.
– the fact we’ll be going to tenby soon.
– feeling better after a weeks worth of stomach bug.
– bergamot scented candles. bergamot scented anything, really.
– sitting silently and still in amongst trees, blowing gently in the breeze.
– slowly improving my skin texture and my rosacea redness.
– though i’ve not had any lately – unexpected, lovely post.

– fruit infused gin.
– the gluten free chocolate digestives from lidl.
– eating fresh, cold mange tout.
– finally having a comfortable chair in the living room, rather than the sun lounger we’ve had for months!
– soft, pink, pillowy peonies.
– home made veggie burgers.
– ava sleeping outside, half in the sun, half in the shade.
– going out for walks that make me feel refreshed.
– the odd moment of actually feeling useful.
– the even rarer times of being paid on time. so grateful!
– my maranta growing tiny little flowers.
– watering and looking after my plants.

– finding things i love in charity shops.
– actually having genuinely productive days.
– remembering to moisturise my lips, and the feeling of actually doing it.
– having my head stroked.
– eating a twister lolly at the perfect time. so refreshing.
– when i’m busy or there’s noise around, and i momentarily forget about my tinnitus.
– writing these posts.
– hearing birds tweeting in the evenings.

– satisfying material textures that i can’t help but touch.
– colourful wall corners.
– summery photos in fuzzy, washed out pastelly hues.
– rainbow ordered memo notes.
– clearing out things i’ve uneccesarily been holding onto.

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