the small things | 21

– getting a new (to me) bike
– having a little spare money to treat myself
– finding a dress that’s made me look forward to warmer weather
– evening journeys, looking through the fuzzy rainy windows at the shop windows and daydreaming
– getting a job interview for a job i really want, even if i don’t get the job
– wearing so many layers when it snowed that i couldn’t bend my arms
– bringing my maidenhair fern back to life (again!)
– finally getting a mirrorless camera. so looking forward to taking lots of photos with it
– getting caught up on things i’m behind with, and the sense of accomplishment it brings
– fixing a lamp i thought was broken
– feeling a little more useful and a little less useless
– noticing that some of my thinning patches of hair are (slowly) beginning to get new growth
– having ideas again!
– looking through botanical books and admiring the illustrations

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