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sitting on hamworthy beach, poole

– i have been alive for 31 years. this staggers me every time my birthday comes around.
– that red moon!
– feeling small moments of happiness.
– super soft gluten free brownies.

– being brave and doing things that make me anxious.
– finally finding a monstera that i could actually afford (£5 from morrisons!)
– making and eating veggie soup from scratch. multiple times.
– going for walks in the early evening just before the sun sets.
– cool breezes on sunny days.
– turning unmotivated days into productive ones.
– remembering when i was in poole a couple months ago, sitting on sandy hamworthy beach, eating a bakewell tart whilst the sun shone and the wind blew through my hair.
– impromptu photowalks.
– kind people.
– rose lemonade.
– seeing my plants grow and flourish.

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