the small things | 13

– finally finding a moisturiser that works well and my skin doesn’t react to
– seeing ava sleep and being generally cute on my desk
– getting a pilea sent to me through the post, it made me very happy as i’ve wanted one for years
– sorting through things and finding things i’d forgotten about
– breezes on a hot day
– spraying my face with cool water
– growing plants from scratch/reviving dying ones
– shadows and reflections
– remembering to look after myself
– organising my room better
– donating items to charity shops
– saying kind words to friends and acquaintances
– new and old books

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  • Reply Amy Theodore 28/06/2017 at 11:18

    I have to completely agree with when it comes to finding a good moisturiser and cleaning my room. For me it’s also the feeling of opening a new package or opening a book or magazine for the first time :)

    Amy //

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