small things | 12

life has been tough lately but there are always good things.

– this cactus lamp. so cute and brings me a smile when i see it.
– remembering when i went to Floris last year to make my own custom perfume.
– a few good charity shop finds.
– meeting up with Liz for the first time in ages!
– finally using the liquidiser we’ve had for years to make smoothies. so tasty.

– making some new collages. and some other collage based news that i hope to share soon.
– winning a polaroid – still can’t believe it! so excited for it to arrive.
– nice early evening walks.
– feeling a gentle breeze, and watching trees and flowers lightly dance in it.
– taking time to just ‘be’.

– seeing my dad for the first time this year, and seeing him look a bit healthier (he has emphysema).
– kind gifts from friends.
–  stroking my cat when she’s asleep. touching her little paws and her soft warm tummy.
– managing to bring my previously balding maidenhair fern back to it’s normal full self. i love looking after plants.

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