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sketchbookin’ // 03

bodengirl two
some more sketchbook pages! the first two are from bits from a boden catalogue (which are always so good!). until recently, it never occured to me to use things like this for sketchbook stuff. no one sees them (well, apart from the stuff i show) so it’s always good to have a bit of fun.

as always, i can never resist a bit of pattern making either. the first one was made when i got some new felt tips. love the pastel colours! and the second one was from an old oil pastel drawing that i got annoyed with and scribbled over! i was sorting through stuff recently and came across it and i was suddenly struck with the idea of cutting it up and making something new with it. i love when two of my favourite things combine.
city livin'
dot party

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    I love these…happy dotty colours. Perfect to cheer up a grey day!

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