dresses on lyst (& bags, shoes & more!)

dresses on lyst (and bags, shoes & more!)heart pattern dress

i’ve partnered with lyst to tell you about how their site works and how you can use it to your advantage.

now, i know when i’m low on funds i sometimes like to do a little ‘internet window shopping’ ..and i’ll often come across items i really want, but at the time i can’t afford, so i bookmark them for when i can. even when i have a bit of spare cash i and plan to buy something, still tend to bookmark items for a couple days ..totally not an impulse buyer. i can’t be the only one that does that, right?

how about you? do you consider purchases carefully or are you more carefree? (late night insomnia purchases not included!)

heart pattern dress and retro lip brooch

but there’s a problem with this ..even though my bookmarks are reasonably organised, it still feels cluttered and – as lazy as this sounds – a bit of an effort to go through. as you may know, i buy most of my clothes and accessories in charity shops, but from time to time i will see something online that tickles my fancy and want one place to go to instead of remembering to look at my bookmarks, so i’ve decided to focus my efforts on dresses on lyst, which is mainly fashion focussed anyway.

you can follow brands, bookmark (make ‘lysts’) clothes. shoes and accessories, and super handily you can also receive email alerts when your favourite items go on sale too. which i think is great because i like a bargain but can never be bothered/remember to look out on individual sites for sales.

also great if you don’t want to keep a beady eye on those social feeds! there’s designer dresses on lyst as well as clothes from high street brands and some online only shops too. whatever you want, there’s a lot to choose from. i’m all about choice.

if you’re interested, or are just looking for a bit of inspiration, there’s also curated lysts on the main page which may help you put the perfect outfit together, or could be useful if you were looking to buy a gift for a fashion loving friend.

thinking about it, it’s kind of like pinterest for shopping and that can only be a good thing, right?

have you ever used lyst, or would you use it? if nothing else it’s a definite time-saver!

dresses on lyst (& bags, shoes & more!)

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