sheer floral top & black dungaree dress | what i wore

close up of dungaree dress buckle

dungaree dress | blouse* | clutch* | heeled sandals* | lipstick*

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firstly: new tattoo! it’s healed and ready to share. i love it so much and it was worth every penny. it may look a little ‘squashed’ in the photo due to the angle i was at to take it, but i can assure you it’s a lovely, round moon.

it really feels like summer now, doesn’t it? well, for the last week anyway. for many years i would never have my legs out (or my arms) and i can’t believe i ever managed that.

my body temperature is always out of flux so i get hot as quickly as i get cold, but how did i go so many summers always wearing leggings or tights? glad i got over that body hangup. always going to have milk bottle legs though!

floral top and dungaree dress - what i wore

dungaree dress and sheer floral top

would you believe all these items (dress aside) are from a wedding boutique section? just goes to prove you can dress up or down many items of clothing, and that you should expand your horizons when searching for clothes, as you’ll never know what you might find. (you know i’m all about the charity shops). to be fair there’s lots of fancy clothes in there but some really lovely versatile casual pieces too. always going to be into clothes you can wear over and over in different ways.

i love this blouse (such a lovely floral print) but i would suggest perhaps going a size down from your usual. it’s loose and flowy as is, but still prefer something that’s a little more fitted, whilst also having that floaty feel ..if that makes sense. also, it’s very sheer so unless you don’t mind flashing your bra, definitely wear a camisole or strappy top underneath. the sleeves are long but i prefer to wear things like this rolled up.

NYX high voltage lipstick in tiara

closeup of floral blouse

floral blouse and black denim dungaree dress

berry clutch from simply be

sole diva block heel sandals from simply be

i can definitely say now i see what all the fuss about NYX lipsticks is about! this is shade ‘tiara’ from the high voltage range and it’s so pigmented and buttery smooth despite appearing quite matte. if you’ve ever worn matte lipstick (or infact any lipstick) you’ll know they’re typically quite drying and can tend towards chalky. it’s a slightly coral toned pink, and a bit paler than i’d normally go for but it’s a fantastic everyday lipstick.

i must say i’m slightly taken with these heeled sandals too. they’re a little higher than i’d usually go for but my goodness they are comfortable. i’ve worn them loads already and they literally go with everything. i initially wanted the pink ones but they went out of stock quickly. nooo! love the silver heel on these too, adds a little quirk to something otherwise ‘plain’.

if you want to shop this look (with similar items where others are no longer in stock) you can do so via the widget below. i would love to know what you think of this outfit, and if it’s something you’d wear – summer, or otherwise!

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