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the small things


the small things | 24

– discovering new (to me) tv shows to watch – re-watching old favourites – seeing shadows on my arms from my straw hat – trying my best to remember to look after myself – getting into bed when i’ve put my favourite bed sheets…


the small things | 23

– rediscovering my favourite yellow jumper – freshly washed and dried hair – a new chest of drawers – blue skies – getting things done after a period of inactivity – walking barefoot on super soft rugs – my asthma being properly under control…


the small things | 22

– e•mot•ion – i have been listening to it endlessly. see also: nothing’s real by shura. – simply making it through certain days. – seeing new leaves on my maranta unfurl. – trying something new for my rosacea (not sure it’s working, but it’s…