rose floral print dress | what i wore

dress – ℅ quiz | necklace – stranger london | watch – new look | lipstick – MUA coral flush
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well hello there! it’s been a while since i’ve done an outfit post, especially one involving actual photos of me.

now that summer is here (well, i type this whilst it’s pouring outside) i thought it a good time to bring back the occasional outfit post. this will never be a fashion blog, as by no stretch of the imagination am i fashionable, but i do like wearing clothes. probably a better way to word that eh? what i mean is i enjoy my own fashion, and looking at what other ‘normal’ people wear via their blogs and social media.

close up of dress | what i wore

rose floral print dress

necklace from stranger london | what i wore

what better way to come back than with a fancy floral print dress? this is definitely something that would be worn on an ‘occasion’ like a wedding, a formal party/gathering or something like that. but who says you can’t wear a flouncy dress in your every day from time to time? i typically dress in a way that many would consider ~dressed up~ so this isn’t too out of place for me, but if you’re used to jeans and a tee this might be one best kept for special occasions.

i love that it has a reinforced bust area (good for us busty gals) and has an actual full skirt too. that seems a rarity in modern dresses but if you don’t love swirling around in a full skirt/dress who even are you. shame there’s no pockets but you can’t have everything!

rose floral print dress | what i wore

close up of bust and back of dress

length of rose floral print dress | what i wore

for reference, i’m quite short – under 5ft 2 – so the length of the dress just reaches my knees, but on someone of a more average or taller height, it’d be a bit above the knees. apologies for no full-length shots but considering i only have a 50mm lens and a small flat this is the best i can do for now. if anyone in cardiff wants to take photos of each other, let me know…

if you want to shop this look (with similar items where others are no longer in stock) you can do so via the widget below.

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