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rhs cardiff 2017

pink, layered tulips - RHS cardiff

a couple of sundays ago, i went to RHS cardiff in bute park. laura from side street style invited me along – how could i say no? we actually went together last year too.

when spring comes around after a seemlingly endless winter, it’s always wonderful to see flowers come into bloom, trees begin to bustle with leaves and the skies are blue. as much as i enjoy seeing flowers and nature in general come back to life, it’s always going to be a special treat to go to a flower show, a place literally dedicated to flowers, gardens and nature!

purple and pink cineraria flowers - RHS cardiff

amazing red fringed tulips - RHS cardiff

giant wicker ant - RHS cardiff

the wildlife trust - RHS cardiff

red potted succulent - RHS cardiff

as always i took so many photos and lots of video clips too. if you want to see RHS cardiff in motion, have a look at my latest snapshots video. it was a lovely sunny day again, and it was nice to walk round in a relaxed manner, even though it closes early on the sunday. the layout was a little different this year (a bit more spread out), and there were a few new additions such as a ferris wheel with flowers in alternate seats, and some more child friendly things like a hungry caterpillar to climb on.

as always, there were some great displays, like the lillies, crysanthemums and daffofils that were there last year, and there was even a giant peony wreath! outside there are food stalls, independent sellers, a performance area and garden retailers selling their wares.

laura from side street style photographing lily display

close up of peony wreath

pointed triangle garden display

ferris wheel signage - RHS cardiff

ferris wheel - RHS cardiff

ranunculus flower display - RHS cardiff

cactus against grey background - RHS cardiff

goosberries in metal container

colourful carrots - RHS cardiff

pink and yellow chrysanthemums

seed packets - RHS cardiff

i love that something like this comes to cardiff each year. cardiff and wales in general tends to get left out of a lot of events and attractions, but a flower and garden show is always going to be a definite crowd pleaser that is sure to bring along hundreds upon hundreds of people. hope i can go again next year!

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