review – laptop sleeve & phone case from caseable

phone case and laptop sleeve from caseable

recently i was sent a laptop sleeve and phone case to review from caseable. i have to be honest, the main thing that excited me about this is that i can finally have a case for my phone! it’s a samsung galaxy s3 mini, which isn’t a rare phone but seems difficult to find nice cases for! it looks more interesting than just plain white if you’re a fan of colour and patterns like me.
i chose for the phone case to have my own doughnut design, and the ‘macro9‘ laptop sleeve by gela behrmann which i chose because of the marbled print. i had a hard time deciding which i liked best!
it’s super easy to use your own work on any of the products. all you have to do is click on ‘create your own’ choose your device, upload, and size to fit! as with anything like this, you want something high resolution if you want a clear print.

phone case from caseable with illustated doughnut pattern by laura`redburn

illustrated phone case from caseable by laura redburn

when i put the case on my phone, i felt that it seemed a bit loose at first, but after using it for a week or so now, it’s totally fine. this was probably because i’ve never used a case on a phone before and wasn’t used to the look and feel. talking of, i love how it looks! it does constantly make me want doughnuts though.
as you would expect, all the holes are in the right places and everything is easy to access. it takes a day or so to get used to it if you’ve never used a case on your phone before like me, but after that it feels completely natural. i don’t think i could go back to having a plain case again.

laptop sleeve with marbled print, doughnut brooch

marble print laptop sleeve

marble print laptop sleeve
i don’t go out that often with my laptop, but when i do, i obviously want it to be protected. i have a (very old by todays standards!) early 2008 macbook so its creaky old bod needs protection, especially when it has a clumsy owner. 
they’re made with recycled neoprene which means it’s very soft and thick enough to protect your laptop all whilst allowing it to fit snugly inside. you could easily fit a book or something else in there too! it does have a bit of a smell for a couple of days, but with use it quickly fades. kind of like when you get a new car and it has that ‘new car smell’.
please note: these products were sent for me to review, and all words are my own.

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