my work collage

retro inspired dog pattern

i love making patterns out of collages. when i made this one, i knew that it’d look great as a pattern. do you think i was right in that assumption? i’m really pleased with how it turned out. i think it’s the colour combinations as well as the addition of the dog to break it up a bit.
naturally now i want to make other animal collages and patterns! i might just have to.

'the thinking dog' - a collage by laura redburn

the initial collage. i’ve called it ‘the thinking dog’.

'mini dogs' - a collage pattern by laura redburn

'not so mini dogs' - a collage pattern by laura redburn

it came together as a pattern really easily. i love how it looks! i think it’s quite modern-retro looking, which was completely unintentional, but something i’m always happy to accept. i decided to make a slightly bigger scale version too as i couldn’t decide which i liked more.

peach and golden dots a collage pattern by laura redburn

i also made one without the dogs and some of the other colours. i just really like peachy pink and gold together, and can’t resist making patterns with dots and rounded shapes.

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