i just want to say straight off the bat, i’ve never made new years resolutions, and i probably never will. however, saying that, i will (and have!) make some plans for the year, just things i’ve wanted to do for a while, or things i was going to do soon anyway.

honestly, it doesn’t have to be new years to make a change in your life. you can make a change WHENEVER YOU WANT! if you want to be happier, more productive ..anything, you just have to make the decision and do it, or work towards it, no matter how long it may take. i think so many people take things for granted these days, and expect everything to be easier. i’m obviously generallizing, but you know what i’m talking about, right?

i totally get why people make new years resolutions, but assigning something like that to the beginning of the year just doesn’t work for me. if i want to make a change, i’ll (try to) start there and then, regardless of when in the year it is. i think the end of the year is a time people naturally reflect though, whether they put it into words or not.

i have some exciting things planned for next year, mostly shop/illustration related, and i really hope they work out! i’ve left it too late to really make anything proper to release right at the beginning of january, but that doesn’t matter. in my own time! i will definitely be stepping up my marketing game. if you don’t get your work/shop/whatever out there, it will just get lost in the sea that is the internet, and the world in general.

i’ve been brimming with ideas lately after getting over a period of depression and feeling totally unmotivated. i’ve barely made any collages, done any drawings, painting or anything. luckily (luckily? that sounds wrong!) it’s only been for a month or so, and i’m feeling more myself again now.

i love this blog, i’ve LOVED writing it, putting together posts, taking photos, and so much more. i’ve improved my photography so much, i feel much better about my writing skills (i’d never say i was compelling or anything, ha!) and i just generally have a bit more confidence. i’ve had the opportunity to work with a few small businesses and a couple larger retailers, and whilst i’ll never be a person to say yes to every opportunity, i would love to step the blog up a notch.

to reflect on the year in general, it’s been a year of ups and downs (isn’t that always the way though?) just a few highlights have been working with the strand arcade, getting represented with agency rush, making lots of patterns (and other things), taking so many photos on phone and camera, interviewing marc johns, emma block and others as well as many other things!

what have your highlights been? i’d love to know, and if you’ve written a post, link me up!

here’s to a happy and creative 2014!

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