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a quick ava collage

last week when i was preparing to put a photo on my instagram for my petplan blog post, i realised in the moment i wanted to share something a little different. and then i thought – yes! a collage! – as you may know this year i have really been struggling creatively. i’ve made a couple things here and there, but overall my creative spark just totally fizzled. this happened to me a few years ago actually. for almost a whole year my creativity was totally kaput. i tried making things but i hated them, or i just couldn’t get in the flow. i didn’t pressure myself too much, but it did eventually come back. and (hopefully!) it seems to be coming back again now.

anyway, i digress.

i thought i’d make a collage based on one of my favourite photos of ava, on my super colourful triangle rug. i love ava, i love that rug, and i love the photo. winning all round!

so, i wanted to make something relatively simple, but yet a little more complex than something i’d usually make. i really enjoy glitch based collages so decided to go down that route. i made a few colour channel layers of the photo in photoshop and used various means to give them a glitchy feel. all ever slightly different so the layered look complied makes something complete. this was probably the easiest part as i just couldn’t decide how to make this into a ~piece~.

so i went back to my roots and went with something bold and graphic, the stripes! added a halftone over the top for a little texture, and used cream and white to separate it a bit and it all felt good.

but then, how do i incorporate ava back in? this piece was about her after all.

ava tortoiseshell cat on colourful triangle rug

after umming and ahhing and trying a few different things, i focused on what stands out to me – her lovely yellowy green eyes. i snipped out a section of her face, and had a play around with positionings and eventually settled on what you see here.

even if no one else does, i like it! it feels ‘me’ but is also a little different to what i’d usually do. it was something that had no pressure attached to it, but wasn’t so loose a project that it felt aimless.

here’s to a lot more collages in 2018!

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