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protea collage | new work

Protea and bird collage by Laura Redburn

We begin! This isn’t ‘new’ work, but for the sake of sharing here, it is. So without further ado I will start sharing older pieces I’ve not shared here before. And then I’ll try to keep this space regularly updated with actual new work? Deal? Cool.

This one doesn’t have an ‘official’ name, so I’ve just called it ‘Protea’ for the time being, as, well, it has three of them! If you have any suggestions for something more imaginative let me know.

This was the first collage I made after a while of not making any. Slowly but surely I’m creating again!

I’ve liked protea for years as they’re fascinating looking flowers, but I’ve just now realised I’ve never seen one in real life.

Did you know:

  • They’re named after the Greek God, Proteus
  • Carl Linnaeus gave them this name in 1735
  • Protea are native to South Africa but do occur elsewhere (mostly Australia)
  • They’re ancient! Approximately 300 million years old
  • Proteas can survive wildfires. Pretty tough!

Close up of protea flower

(A photo of a protea so you can see what they look like!


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