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it’s always exciting to have my work in a magazine. especially as one of my goals for the year was to get my work out in the ‘real world’ a bit more. and even more especially as this feature also includes an interview!

i’ve been a fan of project calm magazine for a while now, so i was so happy to be asked to contribute. there’s a strong focus on colour in this issue, which obviously is right up my alley! if you want to read the interview you’ll have to buy the issue yourself, but i wanted to at least show you the layout. i think it looks ace! never going to get used to seeing a photo of my face in a magazine, though.

there’s also a little section where, hopefully, i can encourage some people to start collaging. i believe it’s something anyone can do, there’s so many ways you can make collages too. super simple, or really detailed and intricate. you can use magazines, books, your own materials.. heck, even dried flowers and leaves if you want.

even though i haven’t been making as much work this year as i have in the past (though more than last year!) my love for collage is still strong. i always enjoyed painting and drawing, but as soon as i discovered collage, it was like something just clicked. it felt right, and like the thing i was meant to do.

i’d love to be in more magazines this year. little spot pieces or bigger features – i’m in! if you’re a person that commissions this type of thing, i’d love for you to get in touch.


looking for a collage for your website, blog, newsletter, publication or something else? or some collage based graphics for blog posts and articles? then i’m your gal. you can get in touch via email to discuss.

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start collaging! - project calm magazine

my collages in project calm magazine

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