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please support my kickstarter campaign!

do you want some individual collages or patterns for your home? both, even? well, you’ve come to the right place. i’d love your support for my kickstarter campaign! i currently have 26 days to go, and £600 to raise.

if you don’t know what kickstarter is, here’s a brief bit of info: basically, people put up a project that they would like funded, but are unable to finance it themselves. kickstarter comes to the rescue! people can ‘pledge’ any amount they wish, to help fund the project. pledges also come with rewards! the money only comes out if the project reaches its goal in the given time.

i really, really would appreciate any help you’d be able to give me! even £1 helps towards my goal amount, and every little helps. if you can’t afford to pledge, i’d love if you could just help share the word! if you go to my kickstarter page, you will see the sharing options below the video, or you can just share this post if you wish.


if you don’t want to watch the video, here’s the basics:

i’d like to raise £600 to be able to print my designs on a3, a4 as well as a5 art cards to sell in my etsy shop. that money goes towards the cost of printing, stickers (on kickstarter only!) packaging, the kickstarter fees, and postage in the UK.

if for example you pledge £15, you will get to choose from any of the a4 prints (any of the collages, patterns or the 2 exclusive kickstarter exclusive colour ways) , as well as getting a sticker pack and lovely thank you email. there are super special rewards for people that are kind enough to donate a lot of money.

what do you get out of it? awesome rewards! below are the designs that are available on kickstarter, and will also be available in my shop when funded. if you go to the kickstarter page you will be able to see close ups of the patterns, as well as the kickstarter exclusive colourways and stickers!

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