photos from 2015

photography by

megan of thumbelina lillie

megan of thumbelina lillie, behind the scenes at the toni&guy collage photoshoot.

every now and then i like sharing photos just because. no real reason to share them other than i feel like it.

recently i’ve been sorting through my photos (trying to clear a bit of space on my hard drive) and came across quite a few i don’t think i’ve shared before. these are the type of photos i’d normally share in a snapshots post, but for whatever reason, didn’t. the type of photos that i take when i’m out on walks around cardiff, everyday moments when i’m at home and sometimes a few photos from work or blog related trips to london or elsewhere.

yew on ground in golden hour

at cathays cemetery.

boyfriend outside through door

huge leaf on ground

swan at roath park

a swan at roath park.

cat paw on triangle patterned rug

tulips at victoria park, canton

tree bark in black and white

corn closeup

red and white striped awning

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