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perking up with pink

it’s fair to say i love pink. contrary to opinion, it’s not actually my favourite colour (turquoise & mint are) but it’s second with yellow. when i get the opportunity to combine all those colours you bet i will be taking it!

so, my lovely momo sofa. i love it, and use it every single day. as much as i love it, and the grey colour, it doesn’t have the best back support and the grey can be a little overwhelming. every now and then i like to change it up with some new pillows and blankets to make it a little more ‘me’ (basically, just colourful) as well as using cushions to support my back.

this lovely lot ℅ dutch decor at wayfair are certainly doing that job very well, eh? i’m loving this combination of pink cushions, all so different yet i think they look pretty nifty together. to be honest, i think 4 is a bit much for this smallish sofa so i may put a couple in the bedroom but for now i …may have taken advantage of all these cushions and had a few power naps. maybe.

okay, definitely.

pale pink velvet and watercolour style cushions

cushions on sofa with plants in background

i think cushions are a fabulous and affordable way to ‘refresh’ your sofa, bed, or chair when you want a new look or just fancy a change. also, they can really help tie a room together if you have a theme to your decor. i definitely don’t but it’s still always good to add some personality to a room, in my opinion.

what do you think, would you have chosen any of these? do you prefer to keep it simple or do you like it a little more eclectic like me? would love to know your thoughts.

pink cushions on crochet blanket

cushions on grey sofa

post in collaboration with wayfair. as always, all words and imagery my own.

thank you to the brands that help support this blog. want to work with me?

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  • Reply Katia 30/06/2017 at 14:01

    LOVE the combination and eclectic-ness. That pink fluffy pillow is amazzzzzing.

    As much as I see value in the minimalist/un-cluttered style in terms of keeping places clean and maintaining one’s sanity, I love a little bit of “visual clutter” and mixed patterns and textures. So I’m on board with this whole combo!

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